Other Mediocrity

Mediocrity in 50 Words – Not Bad

Staying at a hotel while kitchen gets redone. Not Bad. Fire alarm clears the hotel while we’re asleep. Not Bad. Hauling 2 kids 6 flights. Not Bad. Switching hotels at midnight. Not Bad. 4 people in a

Mediocrity in 50 Words – Mini Golf

Hold it right. Put it down. Pick it up. It’s your turn. It’s not your turn. It’s always your turn. This hole. That hole. The windmill. No, not the windmill again. Don’t put your hand in there.

Mediocrity in 50 Words – Voltron

The issue with finding a show that you and your child both like is when they act like an ass all day, and continue their asstitude all night. You’ve backed yourself into a time out corner. Voltron

Mediocrity in 50 Words – Two Reasons

Two reasons my son’s school will call… “Your son is sick,” or “Your son hasn’t been very good.” Mr. DeGregorio we are calling because your son kicked two teachers and gave another little boy a bloody nose.